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Get the information, knowledge and support you need to put your personal finances together

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Is this you?

  • You earn quite well but you don’t feel like you are making best use of your income

  • You want to invest in different types of assets but you don’t know where to start from

  • You have no one to discuss investment opportunities with

  • Returns on the investment options you know are so low, its not making sense

  • You’ve taken classes but haven’t taken action because you are not confident you are doing the right thing

  • You always wonder how people find out about investment opportunities as you only hear of them when the profits have crystallized

Saving alone with prices rising is like moon walking -

you are facing forward but moving backward.

- Oler Oladele

And this has got to stop!!!

Join the Money Wit Club Now!

About Us

The money wit club is a community of budding investors that are intentional about attaining financial freedom quickly and building wealth that spans generation.

Join the Money Wit Club Now!

    This is for you if....

  • If you are tired of moonwalking

  • If you are sick of your heart skipping at the thought of loosing your job 

  • If you are tired of hearing about investment opportunities when it's too late

  • If you are ready to learn and take action!!!

This is NOT for you:

  • If you are looking for get rich quick schemes

  • If you secretly believe that someone else should be sorting out your finances

  • If you are not ready to learn, ask questions and take action

Join the Money Wit Club Now!

Here is what our members are saying

Join the Money Wit Club Now!

What to expect:

  • Easy-to-read weekly Newsletter that covers:

    -News that affects your money

    -Investment Opportunities

    -Club Updates

  • Monthly check-in webinars focused on a specific investment type so you can understand, ask questions and take action.

  • A platform for getting all your investment related questions answered..

Join the Money Wit Club Now!

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Have We Met?

Hi, my name is Oler and I help entrepreneurs and working professionals secure their financial future through profitable investing by providing personal finance and investing education, information and community support. 

Over the years, I have seen smart and intelligent people either stay away from investing because they have no clue or make sincere attempts at investing, get burnt, and pull back.

If you are on this table - I feel you. I understand your plight and I'm here to help. Investing hasn't been smooth sailing for me too (I bet this is true with any dedicated and consistent investor) but with persistency and applying what I was taught, I have found a flow that works and you can too!

The secret is in education and baby steps

That's what I'm here for - to build your #moneywit


Join the Money Wit Club Now!

Putting your finances in order is a journey and not an event. It is tough to stay focused on your long term money goals without an engaged and informed community. Can’t you see how life just happens and you forget your money goals till then next reset event?

So why are you trying to do this all by your self

Join the Money Wit Club Now!

See what happens in the club...

Join the Money Wit Club Now!


You can't put all the pieces together in one call or master class - you need learning and taking action to happen concurrently.

That's why the money wit club is here for you.

So what are you waiting  for?

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  • I don't have time, how will I monitor my investments?

  • We keep track of all our investments recommendations and will notify you of any sell recommendations

  • Do you pool funds together to invest?

  • We are not a collective, to preserve confidentiality and prevent legal dispute, you will liase directly with our partner companies or your preferred investment companies. However, we may pool funds for specific large ticket transactions that we may not have access to without size.

  • What is your refund policy?

  • All subscriptions are non-refundable

  • Can I give you cash and you invest on my behalf?

  • No, we show you the easy steps to take and you take them

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • We operate a cancel at anytime policy. If you do not wish to continue, you may cancel your membership at any time. Cancellation will take effect from the anniversary of your last subscription payment. But know we are guaranteed to deliver

  • Can I Switch between plans?

  • You are free to switch between plans at the current pricing of the plan you wish to switch too. Just send us an email – [email protected]

You have been hoping and wishing for so many years...now it's time to take action

Join the Money Wit Club Now!

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