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We are an exclusive investment club for individuals seeking financial freedom through strategic investment and personal finance education.

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Welcome to The Money Wit Club

We're more than a community; we're a social enterprise dedicated to financial wellness and sustainable growth. At TMWC, we offer support to both novice and seasoned investors. Unlock access to global investment opportunities, gain profound financial insights, stay updated on market trends, and embark on your journey to financial freedom.

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Does this feel familiar?

  • Earning well but not maximising your income

  • Seeking a space to meet and interact with like-minds to discuss investment opportunities

  • Not confident to take action despite completing financial training

  • Eager to invest in various assets, but unsure where to begin

  • Dissatisfied with low returns on available investment options

  • Wondering how others discover and take advantage of profitable opportunities

  • We've all been there and now we're here to support you every step of the way.

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A Peep into the Community

Hear firsthand experiences from The Money Wit Club

Build a Diverse Investment Portfolio

  • Commercial Papers

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Sovereign Bonds

  • Venture Capital

  • Real Estate

  • Stocks

  • EFTS

  • Creatives

  • Wine

  • Arts

End the cycle of idle money in the bank—put it to work with support from The Money Wit Club. We announce investment opportunities in UK, US, CANADA, Nigeria, Kenya, and more.


Your Questions Answered

What do you do in the Money Wit Club?

We provide: Investment education, access to opportunities and community support for your investment journey.

How do you do that?

- Connect with our networks to get the best deals around the world

- Send out weekly newsletters on Fridays with

  • Investment opportunities
  • News that could affect your investments 
  • Community information

- Host monthly virtual knowledge sharing sessions focused on a specific asset class

- Grant you access to a platform where you can get all your money questions answered.

- Host a banter room for gist and banter Host physical meet ups intermittently

When I join the club what happens next?

 You receive a welcome email and our community guidelines which you are expected to sign to indicate your agreement. Next, you’ll get onboarded on our communication platforms. With 30 days, you’ll get settled in and can begin your investment journey.

I don’t know much about investing but I want to invest.

We explain the concept of investing in simple English and we give you opportunities to take little steps to build your understanding & confidence. Even if you haven’t invested all your life, you need just one year to get confident and begin to build a solid investment portfolio.

Do you manage people’s funds?

No. each investment is considered on a case by case basis. We present each opportunity to the community and provide support in deciding on whether to invest or not. We do not make investment decisions on behalf of members, we do not receive funds from members with the intention of deciding where and how to invest on their behalf.

Do you offer syndicated opportunities?

Yes! In situations where the minimum investable amount is significant, we step in as syndicate arrangers for the community. We organise the legals and due diligence for the deal and coordinate transfer of funds to portfolio companies.

What is the profile of members in the club?

Career profile - Mid, Senior, and Executive management as well as business owners across various sectors. Geographic reach: 3 continents (our members reside in Nigeria, USA, UK, Canada, etc).

What is your cancellation policy?

We uphold a cancel-at-anytime policy. If you choose not to continue, you can cancel your membership anytime, with the cancellation taking effect from the anniversary of your last subscription payment. Yet, we're committed to providing you with compelling reasons to remain in the club.

I want to invest but I’m too busy!

Hey! you have to make some time. At retirement you’ll have loads of time for sure, we are here to make sure you have loads of money too! We’ll make it easy for you but you ultimately need to create some time. Two hours every month is actually enough if you follow our guide.

How can I double my money in a short time?

The Money Wit Club is not for you if you are searching for ways to double your money. You should also note that the club is not a referral or multi-level marketing scheme. If you want to see your money grow, you must be prepared to put in the work, learn, ask questions, and take action.

I don't have time, how will I monitor my investments?

We keep track of all investment opportunities shared and we’ll notify you of any changes or updates.

Can I give you cash and you invest on my behalf?

No, we connect you with partners as we are not licensed fund managers. We guide you through the steps to take and you take advantage of our opportunities.

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