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VC Investing with TMWC

Venture Capital Investing is basically investing in start-ups. You’ll agree that a lot of background checks and crossing of T's need to be done before investing in a startup. So what we do is partner with syndicates that have analysts doing the dirty work. We have identified a syndicates to partner with- Tekedia Capital.

Feel free to check out their website for more information on them. We’ll be adding new syndicates as we go along.

Oler Oladele

Legals and documentation

Investments in the syndicate will be in the name of ARM Trustees/ The Money Wit Club Investments.

The Syndicate Master Agreement will be signed on your behalf by the representative of the Money Wit Club and sub agreements will be signed between you and Oleroladele.com (Parent company of TMWC ) and stating your stake and all relevant information.

See the template for the Tekedia Master agreement

Investment amounts and payouts shall go to the ARM Trustees/ TMWC bank account. Upon investing, ARM Trustees shall receive and manage the investor schedule. Upon exit, ARM Trustees shall compute your payout and transfer directly to you.

The money Wit Club and its affiliates act solely as arrangers. In the unlikely event of our liquidation, your investments are secure and you may reach out to 


Subscription*: $150/ NGN225,000

Trustee**: ~1% of investment

Carry fee on exit***: 5% of (investment payout less invested amount)

*Amount payable to join the syndicate

**Due at the point of investment and may be subject to change at the instance of the trustee

*** Due at investment cashout/ exit

All you need to know

To subscribe on your own to this syndicate will cost you $1000 each. Joining the TMWC syndicate will give you access at a heavily discounted cost.

*1 yr of VC investing can change the trajectory of your finances significantly.

*With your subscription, you will get the opportunity to invest in at least 25 vetted startups within a 1yr period.

*Investments are recorded  in USD, but Tekedia generally accepts NGN investments. 

* Minimum investment lot is $1000 i.e. the minimum amount you can invest in a startup is $1000 (or its NGN equivalent).

*Carry fee as indicated by the lead arranger applies to this transaction and is clearly stated on their website.

*The Money Wit Club will also earn a 5% carry on profit at the point of exit from all VC investment

*Please note that your subscription is valid for one (1)yr or till you unsubscribe from the club- Whichever comes first. Your investments while in the syndicate are still yours and we will continue to provide updates on them till exit.

Next Step

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To learn more about Investing in Venture Capital

Watch this video.. more resources available on groove

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