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  •  -- Put your finances in order

     -- Secure your finances from inflation and

     -- Build wealth in uncertain times

Sign up for the "BEAT THE ODDS" Personal Finance and Investment Online Workshop


TIME: 10:30 am WAT

Where: Zoom

***Limited seats available 
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  • Discover tried and tested secrets to become a master of your money and survive any economic downturn. 


    This workshop will convert all the bits and pieces of knowledge about personal finance and investing in your head to actionable steps that will lead to sustained wealth.

    Limited Slots available

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    Is this you?

    You earn well, BUT..

      • Your finances seem like a random walk with no clear direction

    • You've worked for years but don't have much to show for it.

    • You have major money dreams but no clear path to achieve them

    • You are helplessly watching inflation make nonsense of the value of your hardwork

    • Then you try to invest and lose it to bad deals

    • Now, even with your good pay, you feel stuck in a work-eat-work rat race. 

    It doesn't have to be this way,

    your good pay can buy you financial freedom if you know how to make your money work for you 

    Save my seat now!!

    Imagine If...

    • **You could take 6months unpaid leave in 2024 by making a few changes today
    • **You could be sure that your future finance was secure inspite of rising prices.
    • **You could be excited about recessions and the opportunities they bring as against that nagging fear you are trying hard to ignore
    • **You could actually say that you are financially secure

    This can be you and in this workshop, we'll show you how

    Save my seat now!

    Limited Seats available!!

    What to expect!

    This will be a practical session.

    Whilst you will be learning easy to apply best practices about the various parts of your personal finances,

    by the end of the session: 

    you would have gone through a personal finance and investment workbook that will become your money play book.


    Along with the knowledge, tools and the specific strategy you need to achieve your dream life we will also have partners on ground to get you started on the specific actions you need to take. We’ve got you covered.

     Personal Finance Review

    We will assess your current financial situation, identify your mindset and action gaps, and get actionable steps to fix them. 

    Set your Goals

    We will clearly articulate your money goals. ie set the destination for the journey you are about to begin! 

    Curate your financial plan

    We will curate your money blue print- the strategy, to-dos and map - to get you from your current situation to your goals

    Mitigate your risks

    You will learn how to avoid the very common mistakes that could stop you from hitting your money goal

    Create your investment strategy

    Different from your financial plan (in case you didn't know! lol)

    You will be able to identify the various investment options, identify the options for you and learn how to start.

    Session replay

    You will get one-month access to a platform where you can watch the replay and also ask questions that may come up

    Meet the Facilitator

    Hi, my name is Oler, I am a securities trader turned financial educator. I help entrepreneurs and working professionals secure their financial future through profitable investing by providing personal finance and investing education, information and community support.

    As a CFA Charterholder with vast experience in finance and investing, my primary mission is to help people like you overcome their financial fears and build a secure, recession proof future through personal finance and investment education.

    From my experience, lack of confidence amongst upwardly mobile people is due to poor money decision making and lack of understanding of money as a tool. I am committed to bridging this knowledge and information gap and this workshop is one of my expressions

    Raving Reviews

    "I signed up for a “How to build your personal portfolio“ session with Oler. I found the learning objectives to be clear, program content was organized and well planned, I was engaged through out the session and most importantly l was able to build my personal portfolio.

    Oler’s presentation was very detailed and clear cut, I felt like she was speaking to me directly, It was definitely time well spent. I would 100% recommend this session. 



    "I attended the “Money Talk Lagos” event I found the panel discussion and investment options really enlightening, the banter was a breath of fresh air and it kept things entertaining while educative.

    The personal finance and saving segment nailed the hammer on the head for me. I’m looking forward to other webinars and physical meetings especially on the topic of investing.. Overall the event was filled with excellent content and engagement. 

    Ayo A.

    "The seminar was amazing, from learning about personal finance and savings to the risk/return duration game. It was a perfect blend of seriousness and playfulness. 

    Glad I was allowed to be a part of the session. It was very insightful, information shared was split for beginners and active investors which was super useful. I’m looking forward to other webinars and physical meetings.

    Living in Lekki

    Is this right for you?

      This is for you if....

    • If you are tired of working hard with little to show for it

    • You are sick of your heart skipping at the thought of loosing your job 

    • You are tired of loosing money to bad investments

    • You need to secure your finances for yourself and dependents

    • You are ready to learn and take action!!!

    This is NOT for you:

    • If you are looking for get rich quick schemes

    • If you secretly believe that someone else should be sorting out your finances

    • If you are not ready to learn, ask questions and take action

    Save my seat now!


    • How many hours will the session last for?

    • It will be a 3hr engaging and impactful workshop.

    • What if I’m unable to stay for the full stretch, Will I get a replay??

    • Yes, you will get access to a replays, all the resources and be able to ask questions for one month after the workshop. We’ve got you covered!

    • Why can’t I get someone to manage my money for me. Must I do this?

    • There are 2 things you can’t outsource- your health and your finances. No one can gym on your behalf, you can get a trainer, get help, but the action and results are yours to engage and enjoy! Or can you outsource your career?

    • What makes this workshop different from other personal finance seminars?

    • This workshop will not be a regular session where you take notes and gather knowledge. Pre-session resources will be sent out the weekend before the workshop.
      In this session, you will be writing out your specific answers and to dos and we will have partners on ground to help you take action on. 

    • My Money Journey is unique, how am I sure I will get answers in this session.

    • Firstly, as much as personal finance is what it is - personal, I guarantee you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is nothing new under the sun. 
      Secondly, getting clarity is about information and introspection. As we walk you through the workbook (information) you will reflect (introspection) and you will find the answers. 

    With Oler’s clear and confident teaching, you will gain the clarity you need to build wealth and make smart investment decisions in any economic climate. 

    Save my seat now!!

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